Stephanie sold my 2 properties while I was serving in Afghanistan

Why should you have Stephanie represent you on the sale of your property? I left Afghanistan after a bitter divorce and took with me the responsibility of two properties. These two type of properties were very challenging to sell. Not one, good, market rate buyer nor any results from all of the showings. It was so frustrating and emotionally draining. I went through two agents and the ex-wife trying to sell it on her own. This is when my relationship with Stephanie started. Instantly, I felt a positive energy from her, she set me at ease with her marketing plan and sales strategy. Stephanie and her team came up with a creative solution that would work itself out until the day of closing of 19 Nove 2013. WOW, what a journey and what a relief it was to off load that property, the responsibilities, and the drama. This was all attributed to Stephanie’s creativity, intelligence, patience, people skills, technical skills and her just being herself. But, she was not done with me yet. I had to take advantage of this positive energy and hired her to sell the Silvis property. The agent I had on the property was not very proactive and did not keep me informed on anything. When Stephanie took over, she immediately sprung into action and shot me a list of recommendations. I initially hesitated but then went with it because whatever she recommended has worked so far. She has this knack for vision and what people will feel, think or see when she shows a property. Within me, my goal and vision was for the property to sell no later than 31 Jan 2014… but it was not without its challenges from the buyer. We worked through it all met all the buyers needs before closing on 7 Feb 2014. Ladies and gentlemen, all of the actions to sell these two properties were accomplished with me being in Afghanistan. I only physically and truly met Stephanie twice during this whole process. We did most everything digitally along with a couple of items sent from Afghanistan.

— MF