We hit the jackpot with Stephanie

Stephanie of Keller Williams made a believer out of me: professionally staging and updating your house helps the property sell more quickly and for more money. 


We listed our home through QCFSBO last February. We originally listed the house at $212,900. It sat on the market for 2 months without a single offer. We even had a difficult time attracting private showings. So we dropped the price to $199,500. And there it sat for another month again, again, without any offers.


Frustrated, we talked to Stephanie and asked her why she thought our house wasn’t selling at what we thought was an incredibly attracted price. After all, it was recently appraised and assessed at a price far higher than we were asking. To our surprise, Stephanie thought the house could easily sell for $10,000 MORE than we were asking, as long as we were willing to have the décor updated and the rooms professionally staged.


My wife and I were skeptical, but we were also getting desperate and didn’t have any other options (except lowering our price even more, which was going to hurt us financially). Through Stephanie’s advice and referalls, we hired a professional stager and a contractor. We invested $6,000 into home improvements, thinking we’d be lucky if we got $5,000 back. But we hit the jackpot!


After the VERY FIRST Open House since the completion of the staging and home improvements, we received TWO offers within 24 hours. A small bidding war ensued. Stephanie was spot-on. We accepted an offer for our full asking price of $210,000 just today.

In working with Stephanie, it was clear just how important it is to have a realtor. Stephanie garnered more interest in our home in a couple of days than we had in a couple of months through QCFSBO. I know what they say: “It doesn’t matter how many come through your home; it only takes one person to make an offer.” Well, Stephanie got us two.


And for a seller, that can’t be beat.

— ND